The babies have arrived!


We now have two baby boys on the ground here at Casa Alpaca and they are the cutest little guys ever. Our harlequin girl Harmony gave birth first on July 9th. Little Gabriel looks just like his daddy with his dense, curly, light fawn fleece. He is a spunky little guy and from the moment of his birth, he took charge of his world. Harmony is a loving, doting mom who keeps a close eye on her baby. She does not let him out of her sight for very long which keeps her busy, since Gabe loves to run through the pasture looking for trouble at every turn.

Dorian arrived Friday, July 16th. He looks like his mom, Ellie. He has soft white curls and his fleece length was quite surprising for a newborn. Dorian is a little shy as he navigates the world around him. His mom has had to adjust to motherhood, but the two are doing fine now and Dorian loves to explore the pasture and getting to know the rest of his “aunties” in the herd.

The joy of two baby alpacas is that they are playmates. I opened the gate for the herd to head out into the field for the day and the boys took off running and chasing one another in a game of tag while their moms watched from afar. We look forward to spending many hours watching crias play in the pasture and will hold these memories of the first babies here on the ranch.

If you are in the Santa Fe area, be sure to come say hello to our new arrivals. They will definitely make you laugh and smile.


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