Welcome to Casa Alpaca.

The ranch is the evolution of a dream I had years ago to own fiber ranch and raise a spinning flock.  I initially thought I would raise sheep as that is what I started spinning years ago when I learned to spin.  That was back in the late seventies when the only fiber available was sheep fleece that was usually a waste product of raising meat stock.  Needless to say, the fiber was usually full of vegetable matter and matted so badly that it took hours of work to clean.

When I moved to Santa Fe five years ago, I met Anne Stallcup, the owner of Que Sera Alpacas and discovered the wonderful world of alpaca fiber.  Since then, my journey has taken me not only to spinning alpaca fleece into yarn, using it to weave and knit, but also to the raising and caring for these amazing animals.

I invite you to visit the ranch and meet our little herd.  They are such gentle friendly souls and I know you will love them as much as I do.  While you are here, stop in at the weaving studio to see how I use the fiber and yarn from the herd and pick up a little something to remember your visit.  I sell handwoven items and yarn handspun from the fleece of my alpacas.

If you want to explore a fun new fiber form, I offer weaving and spinning lessons at the shop. Information is available upon request.

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