1. Concerning Alpacas

Are alpacas dangerous?

They normally don’t bite, but if they did it won’t hurt because alpacas don’t have any teeth in the top of their mouths. They only have bottom teeth.

Why do alpacas spit?

Alpacas will normally spit at one another when they are having a dispute over food. The males will spit at one another when trying to gain the attention of a female nearby. They do not normally spit at humans unless you happen to be standing between them and another alpaca or do something to upset them.

What do alpacas eat?

Alpacas are herbivores and eat hay and grasses. They eat orchard grass, bermuda, or timothy hay and some alfalfa. They also love pellets which are made from hay and molasses.

Can you ride alpacas?

Alpacas are too small to ride. The average alpaca weighs around 150 pounds.

Can you use alpacas for pack animals?

Unlike llamas, alpacas do not make good pack animals. They tend to be too small to carry any weight and too skittish. If you load up an alpaca, you might end up with your things strewn everywhere.

Can I keep an alpaca as a pet?

Alpacas are livestock and herd animals. They should not be kept alone as they do not thrive and may refuse to eat. If you do choose to keep alpacas always have three of the same sex.

2. About Alpaca Wool.

How warm is alpaca fur compared to other materials?

Alpaca is stronger and warmer than sheep’s wool.
Although it is much lighter in weight than sheep’s wool, it is also up to seven times warmer!