My How They are Growing

It’s hard to believe that the babies are already over a month old. They had their first haircuts last week which did not make them happy, but they are thriving.

Gabriel is the natural leader of the two and he loves to jump on his mom, Dorian, or any other alpaca that is in the area. Needless to say, little Gabe doesn’t always get the reception he intends. The older girls will spit at him, while his cousin Dorian either runs or neck wrestles with him. None of this deters Gabe from stirring up trouble.

The best time to watch the boys play is during the cool of the evening. They love to run and chase one another while the moms and older girls watch. The herd dynamics is another interesting feature of having baby alpacas. The older females will watch after the baby boys while their mothers rest and eat. This gives moms a break from the busy life of nursing baby and making sure he stays out of trouble.

We had coyotes run through the property one night, and when I checked the barn cameras to make sure the predators stayed out of the pasture, the older girls had formed a circle with the babies in the center. They all kept watch tracking the path of the coyotes to keep the babies safe. Alpaca herds are amazing.

As we watch the little guys continue to grow and thrive, I will post pictures and stories about their adventures.

When you are in Santa Fe, be sure to stop and visit the ranch and meet the boys.



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