I have been searching for a grey female to add to the herd for several months. I have a beautiful rose grey herd sire named Osiris whom I would like to use to expand the herd, but unfortunately, he is related to several of my girls. In order to diversify my genetics here at the ranch, I need to add to the herd.

I found Emma while I searched through various alpaca ranch websites and landed on Emma’s ranch. She was listed for sale and I knew the minute I saw that sweet face, she would come join my herd. Before committing to buy her, I needed to do a bit of research and asked for a fleece sample from her owner. When I received the sample, it felt butter soft and had a beautiful crimp. The fibers were quite fine and confirmed my belief that Emma would be a wonderful addition to the herd.

My friend Anne and I took a road trip up to Colorado to meet Emma and feel her fine fleece in person. She is a sweet, spunky girl and we hit it off at once. After making arrangements to purchase this great gal and pick her up in the coming weeks, I returned home to make preparations for Emma’s arrival. We added more shed space, so Emma and her new buddy Rosie would be comfortable during their quarantine period, and I set up their feed and water stations. When everything was in place, Anne and I headed back to Colorado to pick up Emma and bring her to her new home.

Rosie G, my old girl and matron of the herd, rode along as a companion animal for Emma upon her return to the ranch. Alpacas are herd animals and removing one from their herd and trailering them to a new space is extremely stressful. Rosie is an old hand at travel and I knew she would be fine on the trip up. She and Emma bonded on the trip back to Santa Fe and are keeping one another company in the quarantine field for two weeks. They will join the herd after that.

We hope that you can come to meet Emma soon and see for yourself what a sweet soft girl she truly is.


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