Shearing Day

We held our very first alpaca shearing day here on the ranch last Thursday. While the shearing time took only the morning, there was much to do to prepare for the event. We had to rearrange the barn space to accommodate the equipment used in shearing process, and I spent some time the day before preparing a lunch to serve after shearing.
The morning of shearing, I was up and out in the barn early to do the mucking and feeding I usually do then I had to halter the herd and get them ready for the shearers.
The crew arrived and did a last minute set-up and check of equipment before we pulled out the first alpaca to shear. The boys and girls stood around humming while they waited for their turn for a haircut. With just eight animals to shear, the time flew by and before long, I stood in a room full of fleece bags.
The real work begins now as I have fleece to skirt and send off for processing. As a spinner, I look forward to spinning the roving made from my herd’s blankets.

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