Saturday work in progress

Wintertime here on the ranch is a time of rest, especially after the busyness of the holidays. It is a time to tend to the daily needs of the herd which includes the usual mucking and feeding as well as taking care of the pregnant girls.

After the chores are done, I have time to spin yarn, weave and knit. My current project is a sweater I am knitting from the yarn I spun from Ellie’s fleece. Ellie has yummy soft fleece that gives this sweater a soft feel. This sweater is turning into a warm blanket that feels like a hug from Ellie herself. I can hardly wait to finish knitting this piece so I can wear it out in the winter cold of Northern New Mexico.

The online shop will soon be up and running with hand knit and woven items made with fleece from the herd as well as yarn and raw fleece for those of you who love to knit or spin. Watch for the grand opening of our online shop later this month.

In the meantime, enjoy this break from the busyness of the holidays and stay safe.

Rene and the team at Casa Alpaca and Fiberworks

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