More Snow Days

We have had around a foot of snow in the last two days, but the sun is shining and warm. The alpacas are uniquely adapted to cold weather, so they love to play in the snow.

Earlier in the week, we had bitter cold weather with -24 wind chill. I did lock the herd in the barn to keep them snug and safe. Snow and cold are one thing, but wind chills well below zero can cause stress in even the hardest of alpacas. Keeping them in the barn on bitter cold nights also helps the humans sleep better knowing everyone is safe and warm.

It is also at this time of year, I remind myself how much I love these fluffy animals, because I would never go out in -24 weather for any other purpose than to check the herd and feed extra alfalfa. The crew loves extra treats when the temperature drops. They burn lots of calories to keep warm, so extra hay with some alfalfa is a welcome meal. Alfalfa is like ice cream and is given only on special occasions, and cold weather is one of those. The boys especially welcome this treat.

After caring for the herd, I can spend the rest of my day in the warmth of the studio weaving rugs and scarves or spinning yarn from the fiber of my little herd. It is a cozy time of year and a productive one as well.

To see what I have been up to in the studio, check out the shop pages.

As of now, we plan to open the farm and shop to visitors by Memorial Day weekend. So watch for our grand opening announcement. We will offer classes in weaving, spinning and dyeing this summer and fall, so stay tuned.

Happy winter days.

Casa Alpaca & Fiberworks

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