Llamas, Alpacas, & Camels, Oh My!

Alpacas are the cute cuddly cousins of camels and llamas. All are members the camelid family which ranges through out the world. Camels are found in throughout the middle east and Africa as well as parts of Asia. They are also known as old world camelids.

Llamas and alpacas both originate from the south American countries. Llamas are larger than alpacas and were and are used as pack animals. They also are known for spitting at anyone or thing that bothers them. The fleece of llamas is spun into yarn for outer garments and rugs, but is not particularly soft.

Alpacas are much smaller in stature and do not work as pack animals. They are raised for their fleece which is highly prized for its softness and luster. The fleece is spun into yarn which is used for woven and knitted garments that are soft and feel wonderful next to the skin.

Alpacas enjoying life at Casa Alpaca
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